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10 Sandal Trends We Can’t Wait to Wear in 2022

Pedis at the ready, people-sandal season is knocking on our wardrobe doors, and my, are we ready to embrace it. After months of hiding our feet underneath layers of woolly socks and leather boots, it’s almost warm enough to let them breathe again in a pair of flesh-exposing sandals. This is serendipitous timing seeing as the season’s hottest pairs have just begun to land. Influencers, who always tend to be a few weeks ahead of the rest of us in terms of their wardrobes shifts-the ‘gram waits for no content creator, after all-have already started wearing their sandals on the regular. In doing so, they’ve effectively highlighted the most covetable pairs.

It’s my job to filter out the best bits in fashion for you, so I took it upon myself to whittle down the top sandal trends for 2022, seeking out the very best styles-those informed by the runways that are now taking over social media. Whether it be a classic slider or a throwback silhouette like platform mules, I’m predicting that the following 10 overarching sandal trends will dominate 2022’s warmer months. To see and shop each trend, keep scrolling.

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