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13 Best Plus-Size Robes 2022 for All-Day Comfortable, Cozy Wear

When people think of clothing categories that need to become more inclusive, most times, they call out denim, dresses, and swimsuits. While all of those fashion genres could undoubtedly benefit from expanding their sizes, the same is true of loungewear, sleepwear, and lingerie.

Today, we’re calling out women’s plus-size robes. After all, more times than not, brands put out robes that only go up to size XL and call it a day, assuming that will work for everyone. However, unless said robes have unisex sizing, that XL is usually far from roomy. And, come on, who wants to wear a bathrobe that feels constricting or, really, anything less than comfortable?

Allure editors, having experienced this firsthand, were all too aware of how disappointing it is to find the coziest robe made of the softest material only for it to hardly come together in the middle when on. As such, we took to the web to uncover the most popular plus-size bathrobes on the market.

Looking for a short robe that’s great for getting ready in the summer? Or perhaps you’re looking to snuggle up in a midi or ankle-length robe? Craving a pop of color? Or maybe you prefer to keep it neutral for a more serene post-bath vibe? Whatever the case may be, rest assured, options do, in fact, exist – they’re just not publicized or editorialized nearly enough.

Worry not, because there’s no need for you to search far and wide to discover a bathrobe that suits your fancy – and your figure. Have your credit card handy and as you browse the 13 top-rated bathrobes we found that shoppers can’t get enough of. (Just don’t blame us if it’s too hard to pick just one.)

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