ColourPop x Star Wars Jelly Much Shadows Reviews & Swatches –

ColourPop x Star Wars Jelly Much Shadows Reviews & Swatches

Formula Overview

$8.00/0.23 oz. – $34.78 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to have “high impact” in a “single swipe” that’s longwearing, “won’t crease, fade or transfer” and “dries down to a powder finish with zero fall out.” These are water-based, so they feel wet and cooling when initially applied, but the reality is that so little product is needed to get coverage on the lid that I didn’t feel it was watery or thin when I actually patted it onto my lid with a brush.

I would recommend using less than you think you’ll need, and while fingertips can be used to apply, I liked the control of flat, synthetic brushes gave me as fingertips (for me!) applied far more product than needed. If you over-apply, it can feel wet and take longer to dry down, and it ends up taking too long and can pull into creases/fine lines on the lid. If I used about what I needed (there was some wiggle room), it dried down quickly and set to a transfer-resistant/crease-resistant finish. It was harder to blend out once dry, though, and if I wasn’t careful, more vigorous blending could disturb and cause the eyeshadow to flake slightly.

They are easier to use than they look, and I think they’re quite good overall, though a couple of shades were less stellar. They have a high-shine finish, though I think the more metallic powder and cream eyeshadows give a similar look that I wasn’t convinced that the finish on these was above and beyond products that might be easier to use/more user-friendly. I’m not sure that the pot was the best way to go, as the product dries out extremely quickly; to the point where I would advise closing the product after you’ve taken product out of it, don’t let it sit open while you’re applying the rest of your makeup–you will see and feel parts of it dry out.

I found the packaging to be rather messy, and I have bits of product along the edge of the jar, along the rim, and it’s fiddly to move the stopper from the opening to the lid and back again. I wonder if a squeeze tube might be less messy and make it easier to control the amount of product picked up while also preventing the product from drying out too readily.

WARNING: This formula seems to dry out within months; some readers report a couple of months and others more like a six-month window. I don’t keep the majority of cream-based products (since I don’t return to most products after reviewing), including these, but of the few I still have, there is a definite change in consistency–slightly drier–after six months, sometimes more or less. I had a couple that were closer to the year mark, and one was still usable but the other was quite dried down.

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