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FuTure Proof: Clean Beauty Sponsored by INOLEX

FuTure Proof: Clean Beauty Sponsored by INOLEX 

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines for the word ‘clean’ as:

1.     Free from dirt or pollution 

2.     Unadulterated, pure 

3.     Free from moral corruption or sinister connections of any kind

4.     Ceremonially or spiritually pure

5.     Thorough, complete

6.     Relatively free from error or blemish 

7.     Characterized by clarity and precision 

8.     Empty 

9.     Habitually neat 

As the ‘clean beauty’ category pivots from niche to mass production, marketing, retailing and consumption how can the cosmetics industry uphold the definition whilst also navigating the current shocks and stresses to the global economy.

This month’s panel of experts:

Lisa Gandolfi Vice President Marketing at Inolex

Bart Bleijerveld COO & Co-Founder of Better Future Factory 

Mallory Huron  Beauty & Wellness Strategist at Fashion Snoops 

Discuss how to FuTure Proof – Clean Beauty 

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