Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Now Have Matching Bleach Blonde Hair –

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Now Have Matching Bleach Blonde Hair

Relationships and bleach blonde hair have one thing in common: though they both may take a bit of effort to maintain, if you do things right, all that work is worth it. And while Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been dating since last fall, it appears they’ve now decided to tackle hair-care maintenance as a couple together, as well. That’s right: Less than a month after Kardashian stepped onto the 2022 Met Gala red carpet with a new, bleach-blonde look, Davidson has gone blonde, as well. 

In a series of three videos on Kardashian’s Instagram stories Sunday night, fans got a peek at Davidson’s new hair color. According to ET, the comedian was first spotted as a blonde on Friday in Calabasas, CA, outside of Kardashian’s office wearing a shower cap over his freshly-dyed hair. If he went blonde as recently as Friday, it’s a good explanation for the complete lack of roots in the videos on her stories. He was looking absolutely icy.

Instagram / @kimkardashian

Instagram / @kimkardashian

And yes, it’s true that Davidson has already gotten a few tattoos dedicated to Kardashian since they’ve started dating, but I’d argue that a matching bleach job is almost a bigger commitment than body art; after all, the time commitment to keeping that kind of color looking fresh is just more than I have the capacity for at this point in my life. The root touch-ups! Finding the right shampoo! Carefully treating (and avoiding) breakage! Then again, maybe the couple that masks together stays together (and also, maybe this is why I’m single…much to think about). 

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