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Libra Monthly Horoscope


This is a month to get your message out there, Libra! The Sun is in Gemini and your outspoken, worldly ninth house until June 21, handing you the mic to share your visionary ideas. On June 14, the Sagittarius supermoon further amplifies your voice when it illuminates your communication sector. Make an effort to connect with kindred spirits both locally and from afar this month. Just watch those bumpy final days of Mercury retrograde as the planet of information and interactions will be off-kilter until June 3.

Partnering up could have even more long-lasting benefits that unfold over the next year. Lucky and expansive Jupiter is spending its first full month in Aries, bringing major growth to your sector of relationships. Stay open to people who are different from your usual type and perhaps a long-distance connection. In romance and business, a no-limits approach will serve you best-and that includes geography!

Need some focus after all that social energy, Libra? On June 21, Cancer season begins and the Sun starts its monthlong visit to your tenth house of career and ambition. You’ll be charged up to turn a few of those big ideas into tangible achievements you can take to the bank! While others steal away to the beach, you’ll want to lean in to your goals and make headway over the next four weeks.

Two slow-moving outer planets turn retrograde this month, joining already-in-reverse Pluto. On June 4, disciplined Saturn makes a U-turn in your fifth house of romance and indulgence, a time to curb the excess and delay a little gratification (we know, we know). Dreamy Neptune goes retrograde in your health and wellness zone for five months starting June 28. Double down on the seasonal produce and supplements, and make an added effort to balance work and play. As long as you aim for moderation instead of deprivation, it shouldn’t hurt a bit. You’ve got this, Libra.

Gemini season makes the world your oyster

This June is yours for the taking, Libra! The Sun is sailing through Gemini and your ninth house of travel, risk-taking and adventure until June 21, inspiring you to see boundless possibilities. Exciting news pours in, and stalled opportunities pick up momentum. (Pinch yourself if you must, but it’s really happening.) 

Forget about playing it safe, something your measured sign is known to do. There are moments in life when you have to take a leap of faith-and this month will present more than a few! Maybe that’s into a startup business venture or a return to school since the ninth house rules entrepreneurship and higher education. What lights you up? During Gemini season, your main job is to feed your insatiable curiosity.

Is there someone in YOUR life that could use an uplifting new outlook? Don’t keep all of that positivity to yourself, Libra. Pay it forward by sharing books, ideas, tools and teachings that have helped you through a shadowy time. You never know how much a struggling friend could feel saved by the wisdom you share. Don’t underestimate your Yoda-like powers now. As the saying goes, “To the world, you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius June 4-October 23

Slow your roll there, Libra. Structured Saturn does an about-face in Aquarius and your romantic, creative fifth house on June 4, tapping the brakes on any fast-moving love affairs until October 23. Want to build a strong relationship? Get ready to roll up your sleeves and do the hard but necessary work it takes. That means getting a handle on your reactions and leaning in to your reserve tanks for some signature Libra patience. Tone down the drama and knee-jerk reactions and avoid people who push your buttons, especially where alcohol might be involved. That breezy rooftop cocktail party could turn into an ugly scene if you’re not careful.

Some Libras might take a break from dating or wise up about your romantic choices. A case of cold feet is possible during this Saturn backspin. Since the fifth house rules fertility, baby-making plans could stall, or you may experience trouble getting pregnant. Saturn retrograde helps you get your life in order so you actually have the space for a new addition to the family. Do the words “too much too soon” ring a bell? 

You could have second thoughts about a passion project over the next five months. Maybe you’ve got a killer idea but you need to go back to the drawing board and craft a marketing plan or strengthen the plotline of your screenplay. Saturn rules mentors, and working with a coach can help you polish and prep for the big leagues. 

The June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon spotlights communication

Got a message to share with the world? You’ll be handed the mic promptly on June 14, when the Sagittarius full moon beams into your third house of communication and ideas. There’s no holding back today, Libra. Do you have a powerful point to deliver through writing, speaking or teaching? A social media post could also go viral over the next two weeks. Look back to the December 4, 2021, Sagittarius new moon, which was also a potent solar eclipse, for clues of what could be in the spotlight now.

Have you been searching for a new neighborhood, either to live or hang out in? This full moon in your local action sector can help you pinpoint the perfect new zip code. A sibling, neighbor or colleague may figure into events today. Got something to get off your chest? La luna in outspoken Sagittarius could clear the way for a candid-and much-needed-talk. The full moon could find you fielding a LOT of options, so try not to get overwhelmed. Explore the range of choices and weigh their benefits and shortcomings.

Cancer season (June 21) and the June 28 Cancer new moon

Fire up those ambitious plans now, Libra! Starting June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer and your structured, successful tenth house for a month. While others escape to the beach, you may be keeping cool by the A/C crafting a Canva pitch deck or fielding VIP meetings. Now it’s much easier to set milestones and approach them systematically, in every part of your life. Choose your top priorities and focus on those.

The June 28 Cancer new moon calls on you to own your power. You could receive a prestigious leadership opportunity or recognition for your talents. Is public speaking in your future? You may be invited to give a talk or keynote speech. This is no lucky break, Libra-you worked hard to earn it. New moons kick off new six-month chapters, and this one will culminate at the January 2023 Cancer full moon. Get super-precise about where you’d like to be by early next year, setting intentions and creating actionable steps to get there. Your father or an important man could play into events near this date.

Unlike the full moon earlier this month, which was a supermoon, this one is a “micro-moon.” This effect occurs when a new or full moon connects with the point in the moon’s orbit that’s farthest from the Earth (called apogee), making it appear smaller from our vantage point here. That doesn’t mean the distant moon won’t work its magic-and we can’t see the new moon anyhow-but it may not be quite as impactful as a supermoon, which occurs when la luna is at the CLOSEST point (perigee) to our planet.

Neptune turns retrograde June 28-December 3

Bolster your wellness routines, Libra, because sticking to them over the summer could be challenged. On June 28, foggy Neptune will start its annual five-month retrograde backspin through your orderly and health-conscious sixth house. Your discipline could get a little wobbly, especially if you take on too much. Instead of trying to do a million things to perfection, choose two or three summer goals (maximum) and do them really well.

With Neptune reversing through your wellness sector, some body image distortion is possible. Have your controlled eating habits veered into “orthorexic” territory? If you’ve eliminated one too many food groups from your diet, consider a more moderate stance now (especially because, well, summer!). We’re not saying you should abandon all discipline or ignore any doctor’s orders. Just make sure YOU don’t try to play amateur health coach without consulting an expert. 

The sixth house rules the digestive system, so if yours has been sluggish, consider a gentle cleanse or taking a microbiome test to assess your gut health. But again, avoid any self-diagnosing here-and if you’re behind on checkups, get those appointments on the books.

The urge to merge reaches scorching summer temperatures as impassioned Mars roars through hot-blooded Aries and your partnership realm all month. This hasn’t happened in two years, and while the red planet is here until July 5, you may be bursting at the seams with strong emotions and thoughts about commitment. For couples, spicy Mars can reignite your attraction to each other and spark a sensual renaissance.

Great as it all sounds, there’s a catch. Mars drives up your motivation-but at the same time it can spark competition, jealousy and anger. The trick to riding that bronco is not being too quick to react. Under this transit, your normally patient sign will have trigger-finger reflexes and even a few angry outbursts. Make a point to be diplomatically direct and to address any upsets as soon as they happen so bad feelings don’t fester.

Or maybe you settle them in the boudoir? Amorous Venus is making its annual visit to Taurus and your erotic eighth house until June 22, cranking up your sex appeal. If you’ve got a consenting partner, the world might not see much of you since you may barely venture outside of the bedroom. Single Libras could become engaged in a Olympics-worthy flirt-fest, which is fine and good as long as you’re clear about your intentions.

On June 22, Venus will exit the canoodling cocoon and bound into Sagittarius, activating your adventurous ninth house until July 17. Under this frisky and optimistic influence, you’ll be attracted to people from different walks of life-possibly hailing from another country or culture. Traveling will keep the flames hot for couples, even if you can only swing a weekend getaway or a sexy staycation.

Team up with a complementary person when it comes to your ambitious idea this month, Libra. Go-getter Mars is in Aries all month, heating up your partnership sector and bringing dynamic duo energy surging into your life. Don’t be surprised if you go from cocktails to contracts in short order! Someone you meet at an industry event might turn out to be the missing link-or so it seems. But because impatient Mars gives the tendency to rush, explore thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. 

Got a message to share with the world? Earmark the Sagittarius full supermoon on June 14, which beams into your communication sector. How can you share your ideas in a creative and inspirational way? Whether you throw an event, host a trunk show or send out a captivating email blast, appeal to people’s desire to be part of something exciting, bigger than themselves. 

Love Days: 17, 20

Money Days:1, 11

Luck Days: 26, 9

Off Days: 7, 24

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