Lizzo Packed Eight Y2K Nail-Art Designs into One Manicure – See Photos –

Lizzo Packed Eight Y2K Nail-Art Designs into One Manicure – See Photos

By now, you should know that Lizzo doesn’t hesitate with experimenting with intricate hairstyles, bright makeup, and long nails painted in every shade of the rainbow. Her vibrant and adventurous beauty looks always bring smiles to our faces, and her latest technicolor mismatched manicure has us grinning from ear to ear. Each nail has a different design that screams the 2000s to us – the nostalgia is strong here. 

On May 30, the pop singer shared pictures of her nails in an Instagram carousel for her millions of fans to ooh and aah over. It looks like these short, rounded nails are Lizzo’s own rather than sculpted acrylic or press-on. On the fifth slide, you can see leopard print, florals, a smiley face, a block letter, and flame designs all on one hand. 

Lime-green and black leopard spots were painted over a teal polish on her pinky nail. Her index and ring fingers were covered with a bubblegum pink hue, but on the ring nail, there are small flowers in yellow and hot pink. On the other hand, her index finger has a black lowercase “M.” A simple black smiley face was painted on the canary yellow base on her middle finger. Her thumb had a swirly, multicolored flame over a bare nail for some negative space action. 

The manicure on the other hand, which is shown in the seventh photo, was basically completely different except for the index finger, which had the same black smiley face on a yellow polish, and the middle finger, which had a lime-and-light-blue flame. Her milky-colored thumbnail had small cherries painted all over the nail. On her index fingernail is a reimagined yin and yang symbol. Instead of black and white colors, her nail has two pink shades, and the circles in the symbol were replaced with small hearts. Her holographic lime pinky nail was branded with “Yitty” in black.

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