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Our Editors’ Dress Picks For Summer 2022

I would go so far as to say Who What Wear editors are obsessed with dresses. Even those of us who aren’t technically ‘dress people’ still applaud the power of a great frock. And when you think about the versatility of this simple wardrobe hero- the fact that you can pick one great dress and you’ve got a ready-made outfit to wear for so many different occasions- it’s hardly surprising, is it? 

We love dresses so much that if you were to ask us to list every style on our wish lists right now, this page would take hours to scroll through. There’s just so many styles out there to choose from- across high street, designer and more independent labels, let alone all the vintage gems you can find. But when it comes down to it, sadly we’re not able to invest in every single style we’re dreaming about. So, to cut this down and make it really incisive I asked all our editors to name three dresses they’re actually considering buying this summer- the top tier styles we truly believe are good enough to buy ourselves. 

Keep scrolling, and you can see and shop our picks for the season. I won’t pretend it wasn’t hard for all of us to cut it down to just three styles, but at least you can be confident these dresses are the best of the best… 

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