Pantene partners with Getty Images and Dresscode Project to launch #StyleWithPride campaign –

Pantene partners with Getty Images and Dresscode Project to launch #StyleWithPride campaign

THE WHAT? Procter & Gamble-owned Pantene has partnered with Getty Images and Dresscode Project to launch the #StyleWithPride campaign, which aims to showcase the importance of real, authentic representation for the LGBTQ+ community in marketing and advertising.

THE DETAILS According to a press release, “Pantene is dedicated to making the LGBTQ+ community feel beautiful and represented by offering an authentic picture, literally, of how they uniquely are. In our latest campaign we’ll celebrate the range of styles used to express oneself by collaborating with Getty Images’ Custom Content photographers to create a gallery of authentic representation across all LGBTQ+ spectrums that will be accessible to all.”

As part of the campaign, Pantene will team up with Dresscode Project to ‘ensure authentic and inclusive representation, as well as offer an opportunity for stylists of the LGBTQ+ community to contribute to the program.’ 

Pantene will also partner with GLAAD to help continue to support its Visibility Project, which aims to drive and sustain LGBTQ+ representation in marketing.

Pantene will be donating US$1 to Dresscode Project for every photo shared using #StyleWithPride to reinforce its commitment. 

THE WHY? The campaign is said to represent the latest in support of Pantene’s mission to ‘represent, celebrate and make the LGBTQ+ community feel beautiful year-round.’

Brent Miller, Global LGBTQ+ Equality & Inclusion for P&G, said, “Hair is such a powerful tool for self-expression, yet this often isn’t captured in traditional advertising which tend to often focus on stereotypes or visual shortcuts. Our goal with this campaign is to encourage brands to showcase beauty in its many forms and celebrate all the ways hair can be used to feel like the best, most authentic version of yourself.”

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