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Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Slow down a minute, Pisces. Thanks to supersizer Jupiter in your sign since right before the New Year, you’ve sped your way through the first half of 2022. That cycle is now over-for a few months anyway-and you’re invited to get grounded and centered in your body AND your life. Turn inward again, at least just a little bit.

Have you been away from home for a while? The Sun is in Gemini and your domestic fourth house until June 21, an ideal time to reconnect with your living space, family and emotional well-being. Even if you haven’t traveled, you may be feeling a bit out of sorts after May’s life-rocking eclipses and the signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde mayhem that finally ends on June 3. Reconnect with your emotions and prioritize self-care.

Instead of planning a vacation, you might be thinking about your vocation. Jupiter, the planet of growth, is now spending its first full month in Aries and your second house of work and money. Exciting new career opportunities could start to roll in. The spotlight shines directly on your professional goals at the Sagittarius full moon on June 14. This could be a crowning moment-or a turning point-for your most cherished ambitions.

Your appetite for fun returns on June 21, when the Sun enters Cancer and your fifth house of pleasure and play. The next four weeks could serve up summer love, a flirty connection or the urge to express your most radiant life-force energy. You can do that by dressing up or sharing your talents through an artistic project.

But pace yourself, Pisces. Two of the slow-moving outer planets begin their annual retrograde (backward) turns this month. On June 4, Saturn makes a five-month reverse commute through Aquarius and your healing twelfth house. Your mental and emotional health might need a bit of support, especially if you’ve weathered a loss or gone through a recent stressful change.

On June 28, your ruler Neptune makes an about-face in Pisces and your first house of self. Between now and December 3, you might have second thoughts about how you spend your time. You could crave more solitude and flow in your days, especially with Saturn retrograde in your unstructured twelfth house. Can you find a way to have that “dream time” this summer and fall? It will certainly pay dividends.

Gemini season brings nesting and nostalgia

Who says you can’t hibernate in the spring and summer weather? Certainly not the stars, in your case. Until June 21, the Sun is circulating through Gemini and your fourth house of home and family, sparking a desire to stay home, pamper yourself or escape to a quiet nook (or the beach!) with a great book and a nap blanket. Call it Hotgirl Hygge, and bring the Scandinavian art of coziness to the warm weather season, with a side of #CottageCore seaside sensibility.

Let yourself linger a little longer with loved ones this month and make them a priority. Plan a visit or a video chat with relatives you’ve been missing. Women play an especially significant role now. Your mother or a female family member could have leading parts in the action that unfolds this Gemini season. If your own self-care has fallen by the wayside, this is the perfect time to pamper yourself and tend to your overall well-being.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius June 4-October 23

Are you holding onto something that no longer serves you? We all do it, but this summer and early fall, stubbornly digging your heels in come at a high price. It might be time to get some professional support if you’re struggling to make a transition or bust yourself out of a plateau.

Reaching out for help will pay dividends over time, and you’ll recognize this starting June 4, when structured Saturn starts its annual five-month retrograde, finding foundational flaws that need fixing. As Saturn reverses through Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing, closure and the subconscious, you’ll want to get down to the core of any issues rather than just treating the symptoms. 

Between now and October 23, if you have unfinished business or forgiveness work to do, this Saturn cycle will push you to deal with it. The twelfth house marks transitions and brings the opportunity to let go of the old so you can clear the way for the new. Saturn’s U-turn may force you to confront some pain, like a loss you never mourned. You might need to repair a rift, setting ego aside in the name of making things work.

Saturn’s retrograde can also spotlight your health since the twelfth house is associated with healing. You might get doctor’s orders to slow down or plan a necessary procedure. Avoid trendy wellness fads and get a second or third opinion. If you’ve lapsed into an addictive pattern, you may decide to do some formal recovery work or go into therapy. There’s no shame in that, Pisces, so don’t let prideful tendencies stop you from working on yourself. 

While Saturn is powered down in your sleep sector, your energy could be a bit low at moments, signaling a need for solitude, self-care and, for some Fish, a deeper spiritual foundation. That could be anything from a reawakened mindfulness practice to spending more time in nature-whatever your preferred method is of connecting with a force bigger than yourself.

The June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon spotlights career and ambition

While June’s focus is largely on your personal life, a midmonth moment flips the script. On June 14, the Sagittarius full supermoon beams into your tenth house of professional goals and success. This could mark a professional pivot or a promotion or recognition you’ve been working toward all year. Since full moons can bring endings, you may transition from one career or job role into a new one. Ready to step into a leadership position? Don’t be surprised if opportunity arrives to grab you, especially since this full moon is the culmination of events sparked by the December 4, 2021, Sagittarius new moon, a potent solar eclipse.

The tenth house rules men, and your father or another important guy could play into events as the full moon illuminates this sector. Father’s Day is less than a week after this full moon, so if your dad (or a father figure) is around and you’re on good terms, why not celebrate early?

Cancer season (June 21) and the June 28 Cancer new moon

Drowning in the emotion ocean? Fear not, Fish: Those mermaidy depths won’t keep you caught in their shadows. On June 21, you can finally surrender to the spirit of fun! Right as the summer solstice arrives, the Sun swings into Cancer and your passionate fifth house for a monthlong spree, and your inner siren breaks the water’s surface. 

With the Sun in your fifth house of fame and talent, you could also make great headway on a creative or artistic endeavor. Pour your imagination into a passion project. Let yourself get messy with paint, instruments, ingredients-the point is to express yourself fully now. Book a show or a performance or find a way to share your gifts with the wider world. The spotlight loves you when the Sun is in this performance-driven zone. Applause, applause!

The June 28 Cancer new moon kicks off a fresh six-month cycle for your love life and passion projects. Since the fifth house rules fertility, some Fish could have, er, a guppie in the making between now and the January 2023 Cancer full moon. Consider yourself notified! Your creativity is also at a vibrant high, so make time for artistic and DIY projects at the end of the month. 

Unlike the fuclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ll moon earlier this month, which was a supermoon, this one is a “micro-moon.” This effect occurs when a new or full moon connects with the point in the moon’s orbit that’s farthest from the Earth (called apogee), making it appear smaller from our vantage point here. That doesn’t mean the distant moon won’t work its magic-and we can’t see the new moon anyhow-but it may not be quite as impactful as a supermoon, which occurs when la luna is at the CLOSEST point (perigee) to our planet.

Neptune turns retrograde June 28-December 3

Feel like slipping off the grid for some #MermaidLife this summer? In sync with the Cancer new moon, your ruling planet Neptune starts its annual five-month retrograde. Between now and December 3, duck out of the spotlight and spend a little less time always being Instagram-ready. Even as you dress up during Cancer season, make sure YOU feel comfortable in what you wear and the places you go. And if your performance-loving side makes a few cameos, just make sure you can repair to your dressing room for some post-show privacy.

With Neptune reversing through your first house of appearances, you might have a little confidence wobble, or, best-case scenario, you’ll be refreshingly unconcerned with what people think of you. Since Neptune can muddle messages, be careful what you put out in public, whether it’s a social media post or something you say aloud. You could easily be misconstrued now. Craving a style overhaul? Play with possible looks before committing to an extreme makeover-you can save that for when Neptune goes direct (forward) right before the holidays.

So much for the shy, reserved Fish! All month-until July 5, in fact-passionate, powerful Mars is marching through Aries and your grounded second house. You’re feeling confident and secure and won’t be afraid to ask for what you want. How refreshing to be able to put your needs front and center and not have to apologize. Not only is this good practice for you, Pisces, but it makes you sexy and attractive to others. For couples, this is a good time to discuss practical matters like money and future plans.

Adding an assist in the “speaking your mind” department, romantic Venus is in Taurus until June 22, sprinkling her sensual pixie dust in your communicative third house. Passion is still percolating, but there’s also the desire to do more lighthearted activities without all the pressure of dating and romance. Couples have a beautiful opening to talk about “big issues” and if you make a point of being a good listener, you can expect the same in return. Single? The local scene is alive with prospects as the temperatures rise, so get out and mingle. At the very least, you’re sure to have some fun conversations.

From June 22 to July 17, vixen Venus will drop into Gemini and your sentimental fourth house. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling extra emotional and tender-and in need of intense bonding. Couples could get serious about meeting each other’s families, moving in together or talking about family plans of your own. No matter what your relationship status, prioritize self-care on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Finances: front and center. Action planet Mars is in Aries and your second house of work and money from May 24 to July 5, intensifying the pace (and demands) of your career. You can make some serious money moves if you play your cards right this summer. Warning: Mars can add stress and motivation in equal doses. An unforeseen expense may crop up, and Mars may leave you anxious over finances. There might be tension with disagreeable colleagues and demanding clients. Use this as an opportunity to bring more clarity to everything from your budget to your project management style.

While much of this month’s energy centers on your personal life, circle the June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon for major momentum around your career. As these moonbeams illuminate your ambitious tenth house, you could hear news of an exciting opportunity or decide to take a big professional leap of faith. Go for it, Pisces! You only get one of these full moons a year.

Love Days: 1, 7

Money Days: 13, 20

Luck Days: 11, 18

Off Days: 4, 9

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