Saturday Surfing, May 21, 2022! –

Saturday Surfing, May 21, 2022!

Hi, sweet girl. Happy Saturday from me and from these beautiful trees in my neighborhood! So often I see people staring at their phones while they’re walking this path, and I always think to myself, “Why stare at a screen when there’s so much beauty if you just look up?”

The trees are one of my favorite things about where I live. 🌲

Well, things on this end have been a little challenging this week. We’re all sick at our house. Covid tests were taken and we are all allegedly negative, but DANG. Everyone at Casa MBB is down for the count!

Connor is feeling so much better, thank goodness, but I’m still in the thick of it. It’s been a while since I’ve had to care for a sick child while also being under the weather, so today all I’m going to do is a whole lotta nothing. I heard the new season of “Working Moms” is out on Netflix, so I might marathon that between naps and eating Eggo waffles (everything else sounds gross to me right now).

My go-to meal when everything else sounds disgusting!

I’ve been meaning to tell you, thank you for your nice comments and for all the thoughtful conversation this week. It’s been lovely to connect and chat! I really, really enjoy your company.

Oh, and just in case you missed anything, here’s what we talked about: new hair and thoughts on keeping the gray, weird stuff at the sporting goods store and things I’ve been loving lately.

This week’s reading

I really want to do this!

I’m listening, JVN.

Take me back to 1995.

Just lovely.


Talk to me!

Building those happiness muscles, day eight

Before I head on out, the two things I’m grateful for today are: 1) my humidifier and 2) Vicks Vaporub.

DUDE. There’s a joke in the Filipino community that Filipinos use Vicks to heal everything, but honestly, whenever I use it when I’m sick, it really does seem to help, LOL!

I just about died cracking up watching this video… When he gets to the part about putting Vicks on your feet, OMG. I just did that last night! 😭🤣

Stay healthy, my friend, and have a great rest of your weekend.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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