The 15 Best Strapless Push-Up Bras, According to Reviews –

The 15 Best Strapless Push-Up Bras, According to Reviews

If you’ve ever worn a strapless bra, you’ll know that finding one that doesn’t slip down as soon as you put it on is a skill. When you find The One, you should share the news with people worldwide to save them the hassle of beginning their search. And this is why we’re spreading the word about the best non-slip push-up styles that have gained the best reviews. We’ve already compiled an edit of the best-selling bras and the backless iterations that summer calls for, and now it’s time for push-up strapless styles to shine. 

From the pretty style approved by model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from her Rosie collection at Marks and Spencer to the Curvy Kate best seller that recently sold over 100 in 30 minutes, we’re only here to talk about the best of the best. To do this, we enlisted self-proclaimed “bra queen” and lingerie expert Katie Weir at Curvy Kate to share her tips for finding the perfect fit. “A strapless bra offers 100% support from the back band of the bra, so you need to ensure that this is firm to give you that uplift and staying power,” Weir advises. “Look for a two-finger tension on the back band when worn on the loosest hook and eye to ensure your wires don’t dig in at the sides.”

To save you time and bring you a lingerie solution that’ll work with all those summer wares and beyond, here’s our roundup of the best strapless push-up bras that’ll offer non-slip support, no matter your cup size. 

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