The 24 Best Sandals for Women for Every Budget –

The 24 Best Sandals for Women for Every Budget

Perhaps it’s that pedicure I’ve just been for, but at this precise moment, all I can think about are sandals. I’ve only invested in one pair in the past couple of years (a pair of chunky flip-flops, in case you were wondering), and now that summer is officially upon us, I now realise that I’m seriously lacking in the sandal department.

I only buy new sandals every other year, or longer if I can help it, so I can only assume that in 2019, I decided to rid myself of all my tatty sandals come autumn with the view of replenishing them in 2020-and we all know what happened next. Considering that l haven’t set foot on a plane, it’s only now that I see I neglected to refresh my sandals when I should have done.  

There’s an upside to starting from scratch, though. It means I can invest in versatile styles that will form my core collection, pairs I’ll wear summer after summer. And there are a few categories I’ve set my sights on. From sexy slingbacks to comfy sliders, staples make up the majority of my sandal wish list. Still, there are a few trending pairs I’m tempted by, including ones with tie ankles, chain details and stacked soles. Scroll on to see what I think are the best sandals for women this summer, and perhaps you’ll be able to fill a gap in your own sandal collection as you go.

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