The 32 Prettiest Floral Wedding-Guest Dresses, Hands Down –

The 32 Prettiest Floral Wedding-Guest Dresses, Hands Down

If there’s one fashion conundrum that creeps up every summer, it’s wedding-guest attire. It wouldn’t surprise me if “what to wear to a wedding” is amongst the most (frantically) Googled phrases at the moment. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that you aren’t alone. If you’re fortunate enough to be granted a liberal dress code at a wedding, floral dresses will always meet you somewhere between smart-casual and glamorous. A floral dress, heels and a small bag is a formula that works time and time again.

You can’t escape the association between floral dresses and weddings. In every wedding photo lies a host of floral-clad women, and it’s no surprise that floral prints dominate wedding-guest attire. In fact, blossom prints have become so linked with wedding-guest attire that you’d be forgiven for thinking their origin was exclusive to weddings. Between flower girls, bouquets, venue styles and hair accessories, flowers are everywhere you turn.

Investing in a floral dress has many benefits. It’s evident that this pattern does not age, and you’ll extend the wear out of this piece for summer days and special events alike. A causal, floral-print dress can be worn on a day date, at picnics, when frequenting your favourite eateries or on a casual stroll with canvas trainers.

And there are so many styles to choose from. You may think of Zimmerman’s ornate dresses, which are suitable for country and church weddings. But slip dresses, tea dresses and wrap-around styles come into their own as well. With all of my wardrobe investments, I prefer to pick pieces I can wear frequently on summer days, so cotton styles with bold sleeves call my name. If you need a helping hand, fear not-I have 32 floral dresses you can wear to weddings and beyond. Keep scrolling for some truly wonderful styles.

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