The 43 Best New-In Dresses According to a Fashion Editor –

The 43 Best New-In Dresses According to a Fashion Editor

If there’s one thing I know, it’s dresses. My wardrobe is full of them, and I wear them 99.9% of the time. I’ve always struggled with casual dressing (long-time Who What Wear readers will have repeatedly read about my ongoing struggle with denim-sorry to be a bore!), so easy, good-looking frocks are my most trusted fashion staple.

I have affordable dresses that I wear each and every week. I have special, more expensive versions that come out for important occasions or big meetings. I have those in-between, mid-priced options that bridge the gap between casual and fancy days. I own styles that are ultra summery and best for heatwaves and holiday packing, but I’ve also got a fair number of clever, trans-seasonal styles that can work layered up and with tights in winter or with bare legs and sandals during warmer months. I even have dresses that I’ve made at home because I can’t always find the exact colour, shape or fit I’ve been dreaming of. I have some It dresses, I suppose-although, I’m always very careful to buy dresses that really speak to my personal style and that I know I’ll wear even when their cult status has worn off. I may own a lot of frocks, but entry into my wardrobe isn’t easy. I’m a pretty discerning customer who values quality and longevity above all else.

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