The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic is Key for Summer –

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic is Key for Summer

There’s no doubt about it, TikTok is responsible for many micro fashion trends, including the return of all things Y2K-from mini skirts to butterfly prints. Recently, though, there’s an aesthetic taking over that so many of us are already on board with, without even realising, enter: “Coastal Grandmother”. More than just a look, this trend has become an entire vibe for summer. Inspired by wealthy, middle-aged women-think Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give-and you’ll get the outfit part sorted.

We’re talking linen button-down shirts, matching white linen wide-leg trousers or jeans teamed with practical accessories including oversized tote bags (to carry refreshments), sun hats, and comfy yet chic easy-to-walk-in sandals. Of course you would also take a classic cashmere jumper or cardigan to shoulder robe. 

Expect your hobbies to include finding a nook to read your most recent book, taking seaside strolls to a seafood restaurant for lunch with friends and preparing meals for all the family, all while dressed in white linen, naturally. Sound divine? Keep scrolling to see how our fashion friends are embracing their inner coastal grandma and the 6 items you need to try it for yourself.

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