The Internet Is Losing It Over Blue Ivy Carter’s Curls Right Now – See Photos –

The Internet Is Losing It Over Blue Ivy Carter’s Curls Right Now – See Photos

Someway, somehow, it often feels like celebrity children grow at a much faster rate than others. One moment, they are drooling babies, and the next, they have become fully grown kids doing makeup tutorials and posting on social media. Many folks on the Internet felt that way upon seeing photos of Blue Ivy Carter walking through Disneyland. In addition to the shock at how big she looked – for those unaware, she turned 10 on January 7 – people were enamored by the full head of curls she had. 

The 10-year-old was spotted wearing an oversized graphic tee, sweats, Minnie Mouse ears on her head, and a lime-green face mask, all of which you can view in this Twitter thread. She kept it simple with her hairstyling – it was parted down the middle with the coils cascading around her head. The curly ringlets seem to be layered with the shortest pieces falling around her eyes and the longer pieces touching her upper back. 

That Twitter thread alone has 137,000 likes and counting as I’m writing this. Many folks in the comments and quote tweets were marveling in amazement over her natural hair. One user replied, “Her HAIR OMFG!!!!” Others expressed their awe over her height and how much she has grown. For example, a user commented, “Why is my good sis so tall though ? How old is she now ? Am I old tf ? 😭”

We’ve seen Blue’s natural hair in its full form several times throughout her childhood. In just ten years, she’s also proven to be a great source for hairstyle inspiration. She’s been seen with lengthy box braids with curly ends and even bright red hair for her mother’s “Spirit” music video. We also can’t forget when her braids were styled into an updo adorned with shells and wrapped with gold wire for Black is King. 

Though we understand how aging and time works, it’s still wild to see Blue Ivy Carter all grown up and seemingly very tall so soon. The next time she blinks, we swear she’s going to be heading off to college, sharing her own hair tutorials, or perhaps dropping an album. There’s no way of knowing, but we will be here patiently waiting and observing all her beauty moments.

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