These 7 Cardigan Outfits Are Super Easy to Style –

These 7 Cardigan Outfits Are Super Easy to Style

Long gone are the days when cardigans were solely associated with mature styles of dressing. Now they’re a hero piece of their own accord and one of the foundations of a capsule wardrobe. With the likes of Khaite honouring this understated item, the humble knit has now well and truly conquered the high street and designer brands. Now the value of a chunky or lighter knit cardigan is apparent.

They can be worn several ways, whether that’s thrown over the top of a look, or cleverly integrated as the star feature. They’re easy to build outfits around and make for cosy, transitional add-ons. Springtime cardigans are investments. They can build an outfit entirely or accessorise a look. The same goes for diluting formal dressing. They act as a barometer for taking an outfit in any direction-day, night, spring, summer, you name it.

I’m partial to a crew neck with buttons that can be worn back-to-front, and a cardigan thrown effortlessly over the top of an outfit (particularly as I tend to overdress). I also appreciate how they can take luxe fibres (such as silk) and pair them back for everyday wearing. Whether they’re worn with a fitted tank underneath, unbuttoned, or concealed from top to bottom, they’re a wonderful piece. Neutral cardigans from taupe and camel to black and navy have a place in every wardrobe. They complement bolder outfit choices and pull looks together in an unassuming manner. It’s always my go-to if I’m craving the comfort of a sumptuous material to soften a formal look. You can always amp up the dial with a pop of colour, if that’s in keeping with your style.

This season can be somewhat temperamental and that’s why cardigans are a hero buy for spring and summer.

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