Trust Us-These Trainers Are Destined for Cult Status –

Trust Us-These Trainers Are Destined for Cult Status

We here at Who What Wear are always on the look-out for the next items destined for cult status, and when it comes to trainers in 2022 there is one style making a seriously big impact. PUMA has recently launched its Cali Dream pastel collection, which you might guess by the name is inspired by the street style scene in California. This state is known for its laid-back take on summer style combined with a can-do, positive attitude, and these trainers reflect that upbeat sensibility. 

The Cali Dream is a classic trainer shape in so many ways, however they are given a striking edge thanks to the chunky stacked sole and the use of new sugary, soft pastel colourways. The shape is like a traditional court shoe, making them a staple trainer which will go with almost any outfit, while the soft blue and chalky pink colours add personality and will give any look a confident twist.

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