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Zoë Kravitz Wore the Weirdest Bangs to “The Batman” Premiere and I’m Obsessed – See Photos

I don’t know if you can give a particular name to Zoë Kravitz‘s red carpet fringe, but whatever it is, I’m into it. Kravitz debuted this rather unusual take on bangs at The Batman premiere in London on February 23. 

Obviously, the side-swept fringe is what immediately catches your eye, but it turns out that there was a little hair party going on in the back, too. And by little, I’m referring to a teeny-tiny bun. Nikki Nelms was the hairstylist behind Kravitz’s red carpet look. Nelms posted a few photos of the actor’s über short red carpet fringe to her Instagram grid on February 23. In addition to coiffing Kravitz’s hair to perfection for The Batman, Nelms has been at the actor’s side during pretty much all of her biggest beauty moments, including the 2021 Met Gala.  

Meanwhile, on the makeup front, Kravitz kept it pretty minimal as she usually does. Makeup artist Nina Park was behind the simply chic makeup beat. Like Nelms, Park shared a few photos of Kravitz’s look via Instagram, which you can check out right here. Park lined the eyes with a slim cat-eye, which is pretty fitting for this occasion, considering that Kravitz does star as Catwoman in this latest rendition in the Batman franchise. As for the eye shadow, Park stuck with a neutral color story that appears to be a blend of various shades of brown. 

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Bangs, fringe – whatever you wish to call them – have never fallen to the wayside, but Kravitz (à la the prowess of Nelms) is introducing us to an untraditional yet exquisite way of wearing this hairstyle. Instead of opting for the on-trend, brow-skimming bangs, perhaps we all need to take some direction from Kravitz and consider the possibility of trying a shorter set.

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